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Doing Data Analysis with SPSS, 4/e


ISBN: 978-0495556510|344Pages|paperback|©2009|

Robert H. Carver - Stonehill College
Jane Gradwohl Nash - Stonehill College

Now updated For SPSS 16.0, This Book Is an Excellent Supplement To any Introductory Statistics Course. It Provides a Practical and useful Introduction To SPSS 16.0 and Enables Students To work Independently To learn Helpful Software Skills outside of Class. By using SPSS To Handle Complex Computations, Students Can Focus on and Gain an understanding of The underlying Statistical Concepts and Techniques In The Introductory Statistics Course.

Table of Contents
Session 1 A First look at spss
Session 2 Tables and graphs for one variable
Session 3 Tables and graphs for two variables
Session 4 One-variable descriptive statistics
Session 5 Two-variable descriptive statistics
Session 6 Elementary probability
Session 7 Discrete probability distributions
Session 8 Normal density functios
Session 9 Sampling distributions
Session 10 Confidence intervals
Session 11 One-sample hypothesis tests
Session 12 Two-sample hypothesis tests
Session 13 Analysis of variance (i)
Session 14 Analysis of variance (ii)
Session 15 Linear regression (i)
Session 16 Linear regression (ii)
Session 17 Multiple regression
Session 18 Nonlinear models
Session 19 Basic forecasting techniques
Session 20 Chi-square tests
Session 21 Nonparametric tests
Session 22 Tools for quality