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Managing Research, Development and Innovation 3/e


ISBN13:  9780470404126|416pages|Hardcover|©2010|NT$1400

Ravi Jain - University of the Pacific
Harry C. Triandis - University of Illinois
Cynthia W. Weick - University of the Pacific

Managing Research, Development, and Innovation, Third Edition covers the management skills and leadership theories essential to generating products and excelling in today's global economy. Topics of interest include how to design jobs, organize hierarchies, resolve conflicts, motivate employees, and create an innovative work environment. Discover how superior management skills can increase funding, generate profit, and improve the effectiveness of technologically based organizations. This new revised edition:
• Covers all aspects of the research and development process—with focus on the human management function
• Includes two new chapters covering the innovation process critical to research and development of new products and services
• Outlines the challenging issues related to diversity in science and technology organizations and provides insights as to how diversity can be used to enhance creativity

Table of Contents
Ch 1 R&D Organizations and Research Categories
Ch 2 Elements Needed for an R&D Organization
Ch 3 Creating a Productive and Effective R&D Organization
Ch 4 Job Design and Organizational Effectiveness
Ch 5 Influencing People
Ch 6 Motivation in R&D Organizations
Ch 7 Dealing with Diversity in R&D Organizations
Ch 8 Leadership in R&D Organizations
Ch 9 Managing Conflict in R&D Organizations
Ch 10 Performance Appraisal-Employee Contribution-In R&D Organizations
Ch 11 Technology Transfer
Ch 12 Models for Implementing Incremental and Radical Innovation
Ch 13 Organizational Change in R&D Settings
Ch 14 Managing the Network of Technological Innovation
Ch 15 University and Basic Research
Ch 16 R&D Organizations and Strategy
Ch 17 Research, Development, and Science Policy