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Ethics, Technology & Engineering: An Introduction


ISBN13: 9781444330946|376pages|Hardcover|©2011|NT$1400

Ibo van de Poel (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands), Lambèr Royakkers (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)

Featuring a wide range of international case studies, Ethics, Technology, and Engineering presents a unique and systematic approach for engineering students to deal with the ethical issues that are increasingly inherent in engineering practice.
-Utilizes a systematic approach to ethical case analysis -- the ethical cycle -- which features a wide range of real-life international case studies including the Challenger Space Shuttle, the Herald of Free Enterprise and biofuels.
-Covers a broad range of topics, including ethics in design, risks, responsibility, sustainability, and emerging technologies
-Can be used in conjunction with the online ethics tool Agora (http://www.ethicsandtechnology.com)
-Provides engineering students with a clear introduction to the main ethical theories
-Includes an extensive glossary with key terms
Table of Contents
1 The Responsibilities of Engineers.
2 Codes of Conduct.
3 Normative Ethics.
4 Normative Argumentation.
5 The Ethical Cycle.
6 Ethical Questions in the Design of Technology.
7 Designing Morality (Peter-Paul Verbeek).
8 Ethical Aspects of Technical Risks.
9 The Distribution of Responsibility in Engineering.
10 Sustainability, Ethics, and Technology (Michiel Brumsen).