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Economics of Farm Management in A Global Setting


ISBN13: 9780470592434 |560pages|Hardcover|©2011|NT$1350

Kent Olson, University of Minnesota

Agricultural economics students require the right blend of tools and knowledge to become future farm managers. Olson's Economics of Farm Management in a Global Setting focuses on running a farm as a business. This text prepares students in strategic and operational business planning while covering all essential topics from long-term financing to biofuels. In today’s world where successful farms are subject to ever changing urban, rural, labor, demographics, and technological factors, Olson’s text provides a clear focus and methodology for undergraduate Farm Management students.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 Managing the Farm in an Integrated World Economy
Ch 2 Management
Ch 3 Business Plans
Ch 4 Lessons from Microeconomics
Ch 5 Lessons from Macroeconomics
Ch 6 Government Policies Affecting Farming around the World
Ch 7 Strategic Management: Planning
Ch 8 Strategic Management: External and Internal Analysis
Ch 9 Crafting Strategy
Ch 10 Strategy Execution and Control
Ch 11 Marketing Basics
Ch 12 Financial Statements
Ch13 Financial Analysis
Ch14 Financial Management
Ch15 Enterprise Budgets: Uses and Development
Ch16 Partial Budgets
Ch17 Whole-Farm Planning
Ch18 Operations Management for the Farm
Ch19 Quality Management and Control
Ch20 Investment Analysis
Ch21 Land Ownership and Use
Ch22 Risk Management
Ch23 Production Contract Evaluation
Ch24 Human Resource Management
Ch25 Business Organization
Ch26 Farm Transfer and Succession Planning
Ch27 Farming in the Future