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Business Ethics : How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations



Denis Collins - Edgewood College

Business Ethics: How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations provides practical and theoretical instruction on creating organizations of high integrity and superior performance. Collins introduces techniques for developing environments that reinforce ethical behavior and reduce risks, while presenting cases that engage students in critical thinking and application.
Featuring current and relevant content on hiring ethical candidates, managing the natural environment and being a good corporate citizen, Business Ethics addresses topics for building and managing organizations in a new, changing workplace.

Table of Contents
Part 1 Background
Ch 1 Unethical Behaviors in Organizations and Human Nature
Ch 2 An Historical Perspective on Business Ethics
Part 2 Getting Everyone on Board
Ch 3 Hiring Ethical People
Ch 4 Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct
Ch 5 Ethical Decision Making
Ch 6 Ethics Training
Ch 7 Respecting Employee Diversity
Part 3 Daily Internal Operations
Ch 8 Ethics Reporting Systems
Ch 9 Managers as Ethical Leaders and Role Models
Ch 10 Engaging and Empowering Ethical Employees
Part 4 Being a Good Citizen
Ch 11 Environmental Management
Ch 12 Community Outreach and Respect