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Data Structures Using C++


ISBN13: 9780619159078|956pages|Paperback|©2003|NT$950
Supplements: Instructor's Manual|Test Bank|Power point|Solutions Manual

D.S. Malik, Creighton University

This highly-anticipated CS2 text from Dr. D.S. Malik is ideal for a one-semester course focused on data structures.
*Designed for a CS2 one-semester course focused on data structures.
*Provides the student with extensive visual diagrams.
*Features complete Programming Examples throughout that outline the critical steps to writing a program for a case study including Input/Output, Algorithm Design, Main Algorithm, and Complete Program.
*Offers robust end-of-chapter exercises and examples.
*Written to ANSI/ISO Standard C++ and can be used with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET.

Table of Contents
1. Software Engineering Principles and C++ Classes
2. Object-Oriented Design (OOD) and C++
3. Pointers and Array-Based Lists
4. Standard Template Library (STL)
5. Linked Lists
6. Recursion
7. Stacks
8. Queues
9. Search Algorithms
10. Sorting Algorithms
11. Binary Trees
12. Graphs
13. Standard Template Library (STL) II

A: Reserved Words
B: Operator Precedence
C: Character Sets
D: Operator Overloading
E: Header Files
F: Additional C++ Topics
G: C++ for Java Programmers
H: References
I: Answers to Selected Exercises