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Data Structures Using Java


ISBN13: 9780619159504|832 pages|Paperback|©2003|NT$1100
Supplements: Instructor's Manual|Test Bank|Power point

D.S. Malik - Creighton University

Finally, a CS2 Java book that your students will love! Dr. Malik's definitive Java text for CS2 students is easy-to-read and student-friendly, yet tackles the important concepts and topics for your CS2 course.
*Offers comprehensive coverage of all CS2 topics such as Structured Template Libraries, Searching and Sorting, and Graph Algorithms.
*Features complete Programming Examples that outline the critical steps to writing programs for a case study, including Input/Output, Algorithm Design, Main Algorithm, and Complete Program.
*Exercises test the student's ability to label declarations and statements as valid or invalid.

Table of Contents
1. Software Engineering Principles and Java Classes
2. Inheritance and Exception Handling
3. Array-Based Lists
4. Linked Lists
5. Recursion
6. Stacks
7. Queues
8. Search Algorithms
9. Sorting Algorithms
10. Binary Trees
11. Graphs

A: Java Reserved Words
B: Operator Precedence
C: Character Sets
D: Packages and User-Defined Classes
E: Java Classes
F: Java for C++ Programmers
G: References
H: Answers to Selected Exercises