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Professional Baking, 6/e


ISBN13: 978-1118083741 |767pages|hardcover|©2013|

Wayne Gisslen

Gisslen's 6th edition of Professional Baking continues to educate hundreds of thousands of readers with clear, detailed instructions in the theory and techniques necessary to meet the demands of the professional kitchen. The text continues to comprehensively cover baking basics while also offering enhanced coverage of higher-level techniques such as pastry, chocolate, and sugar work. Balancing theory and practice, Professional Baking provides both the understanding and performance abilities needed to progress and develop in a successful baking career.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 The Baking Profession
Ch 2 Basic Professional Skills: Bakeshop Math and Sanitation
Ch 3 Baking and Pastry Equipment
Ch 4 Ingredients
Ch 5 Basic Baking Principles
Ch 6 Understanding Yeast Doughs
Ch 7 Understanding Artisan Breads
Ch 8 Lean Yeast Doughs
Ch 9 RiChYeast Doughs
Ch10 Quick Breads
Ch11 Doughnuts, Fritters, Pancakes, and Waffles
Ch12 Basic Syrups, Creams, and Sauces
Ch13 Pies
Ch14 Pastry Basics
Ch15 Tarts and Special Pastries
Ch16 Cake Mixing and Baking
Ch17 Assembling and Decorating Cakes
Ch18 Specialty Cakes, Gâteaux, and Torten
Ch19 Cookies
Ch20 Custards, Puddings, Mousses, and Soufflés
Ch21 Frozen Desserts
Ch22 Fruit Desserts
Ch23 Dessert Presentation
Ch24 Chocolate
Ch25 Marzipan, Pastillage, and Nougatine