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Business Intelligence

ISBN13: 978-0470461709 |295Pages|paperback|©2009|

Rajiv Sabherwal - Ph. D. University of Missouri-St. Louis
Irma Becerra - Fernandez - Ph. D. Florida International University

Business Intelligence: Practices, Technologies, & Management, 1e presents a concise coverage of business intelligence for a widely emerging MIS course at graduate and undergraduate levels. The text provides a foundation for the business intelligence course by supplying an understanding of the basic concepts and technology that comprise business intelligence. Author suggested readings and cases compliment the book to appeal to a variety of courses.
Utilizes a wide variety of examples to illustrate BI capabilities, technologies, and impacts.
Each chapter will include a set of Review Exercises and a set of Applications Exercises.
• The review exercises ate intended to assess the students basic understanding of the material covered in each chapter.
• The Application Exercises would be if two types: (a) exercise in which we will describe real or fictitious organizational situation, and ask the student to provide recommendations for the organization; and (b) exercises which would require students to conduct some basics research using the internet to develop solutions.

Table of Contents
Part 1 Introduction to business intelligence
Ch 1 Business intelligence and its impacts
Ch 2 Business intelligence capabilities
Part 2 Technologies enabling business intelligence
Ch 3 Technologies enabling organizational memory
Ch 4 Technologies enabling information integration
Ch 5 Technologies enabling insights and decisions
Ch 6 Technologies enabling presentation
Part 3 Management and future of business intelligence
Ch 7 Business intelligence tools and vendors
Ch 8 Development of business intelligence
Ch 9 Management of business intelligence
Ch10 The future of business intelligence