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Time Series Analysis and Forecasting by Example


ISBN13: 9789814272933 |452pages|Paperback|©2010|NT$1050

J. Malcolm Dowling, University of Hawii
Ma. Rebecca Valenzuela, University of Monash

Economic Development in Asia, 2e provides the reader with an in-depth theoretical and empirical analysis of current economic trends and policy issues in the countries that comprise developing Asia a vast region extending from the Indian subcontinent to China and Japan.
Each chapter begins with a theoretical foundation that provides the basis for a detailed discussion of major micro- and macroeconomic developments and policy issues in these Asian developing countries. Country and regional examples, along with summaries of empirical studies, are introduced to illustrate different points of view regarding the development experience.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 Introduction and Overview
Ch 2 Growth and the Asia Expericence
Ch 3 The Asia Crisis and Recent Development
Ch 4 Agriculture
Ch 5 Industrialization and Structural Change
Ch 6 International Trade and Investment
Ch 7 Saving and the Financial System
Ch 8 Population
Ch 9 Poverty and Income Distribution
Ch 10 Human Resource Development: A Focus on Education and Health
Ch 11 Globalization and the New Economy
Ch 12 The Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia
Ch 13 The Political Economy of Development in Asia