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Managerial Accounting


ISBN13:  9780471699606|752pages|Hardcover|©2012|
Charles E. Davis
Elizabeth Davis

Managerial Accounting by Charles and Elizabeth Davis enables you to focus your teaching on analyzing business problems and applying managerial accounting to business decision making.
The Davis and Davis learning design redefines the managerial accounting solution by shifting the focus from reading about managerial accounting, to frequently applying concepts and analyzing problems.
Business students become better equipped for critical thinking and have a better foundation of core managerial concepts after working through flexible LEARNING UNITS introduced by Davis and Davis. LEARNING UNITS include manageable segments of reading immediately followed by unit reviews that include key terms, self-study questions, and practice exercises.
To understand how managerial accounting information supports business decision-making activities, students need a context in which to place those decisions. In Davis and Davis Managerial Accounting this context is created by using a continuing story of C&C Sports and its supply chain partners to illustrate concepts.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 Accounting as a Tool for Management
Ch 2 Cost Behavior and Cost Estimation
Ch 3 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and Pricing Decisions
Ch 4 Product Costing for Manufacturing Companies
Ch 5 Planning and Forecasting
Ch 6 Performance Evaluation: Variance Analysis
Ch 7 Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management
Ch 8 Using Accounting Information to Make Managerial Decisions
Ch 9 Capital Budgeting
Ch 10 Decentralization and Performance Evaluation
Ch 11 Performance Evaluation Revisited: A Balanced Approach
Ch 12 Financial Statement Analysis
Ch 13 Statement of Cash Flows