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Management Science : The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets 3/e


ISBN13: 9780470530672|528pages|Hardcover|©2011|NT$1400

Stephen G. Powell - Dartmouth College
Kenneth R. Baker - Dartmouth College

Now in its third edition, Powell and Baker's Management Science provides students and business analysts with the technical knowledge and skill needed to develop real expertise in business modeling. In this book, the authors cover spreadsheet engineering, management science, and the modeling craft.
• Designed to improve modeling efficiency and modeling effectiveness by focusing on the most important tasks
and tools.
• Craft skills of modeling are covered in Chapter 2.
• Spreadsheet engineering and spreadsheet analysis are covered in Chapters 5 and 6.
• Risk Solver Platform for Education is used for optimization (in Chapters 10-14), decision trees (Chapter 15),
Monte Carlo simulation (Chapter 16) and the integration of optimization and simulation (Chapter 17).

Table of Contents
Ch 1 Introduction
Ch 2 Modeling in a Problem-Solving Framework
Ch 3 Basic Excel Skills
Ch 4 Advanced Excel Skills
Ch 5 Spreadsheet Engineering
Ch 6 Analysis using Spreadsheets
Ch 7 Data Analysis for Modeling
Ch 8 Regression Analysis
Ch 9 Short-term Forecasting
Ch 10 Nonlinear Optimization
Ch 11 Linear Optimization
Ch 12 Optimization of Network Models
Ch 13 Integer Optimization
Ch 14 Optimization of Non-smooth Models
Ch 15 Decision Analysis
Ch 16 Monte Carlo Simulation
Ch 17 Optimization in Simulation