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Management Information Systems - Moving Business Forward


ISBN13: 9780470889190|647 pages|Paperback|©2012|NT$1350

R. Kelly Rainer , Hugh J. Watson

This new first edition from best-selling author Kelly Rainer, and highly respected coauthor, Hugh Watson, supports your teaching goals by allowing for maximum flexibility of coverage, and by engaging students with a tested pedagogical structure. Utilizing flexible Learning Units comprised of tightly coupled concepts and Student Activities, Rainer transports the student from passively learning about IS to doing IS in a realistic context. Plug IT In learning extensions enable instructors to introduce material of interest at their discretion. Plug IT In's cover such topics as project management, business processes, and information asset protection.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to Information Systems 2
Chapter 2 Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Information Systems 42
Chapter 3 Data and Knowledge Management 80
Chapter 4 Telecommunications and Networking 126
Chapter 5 Business Intelligence 172
Chapter 6 Ethics and Privacy 210
Chapter 7 Information Security 236
Chapter 8 Web 2.0 and Social Networks 280
Chapter 9 E-Business and E-Commerce 312
Chapter 10 Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce 354
Chapter 11 Information Systems Within the Organization 398
Chapter 12 Extending the Organization to Customers 428
Chapter 13 Extending the Organization Along the Supply Chain 458
Chapter 14 Acquiring Information Systems and Applications 484