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Macroeconomic Theory : A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach


ISBN13: 9780691116402 |496pages|Hardcover|©2008|NT$1250

Michael Wickens, the University of York

Macroeconomic Theory is the most up-to-date graduate-level macroeconomics textbook available today. This book truly offers something new by emphasizing the general equilibrium character of macroeconomics to explain effects across the whole economy, not just part. It is also the perfect resource for economists who need to brush up on the latest developments.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 Introduction
Ch 2 The Centralized Economy
Ch 3 Economic Growth
Ch 4 The Decentralized Economy
Ch 5 Government: Expenditures and Public Finances
Ch 6 Fiscal Policy: Further Issues
Ch 7 The Open Economy
Ch 8 The Monetary Economy
Ch 9 Imperfectly Flexible Prices
Ch 10 Asset Pricing and Macroeconomics
Ch 11 Financial Markets
Ch 12 Nominal Exchange Rates
Ch 13 Monetary Policy
Ch 14 Real Business Cycles, DGE Models, and Economic Fluctuations
Ch 15 Mathematical Appendix