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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 2/e


ISBN13: 9780470876442 |748pages|Hardcover|©2012|NT$1500

Robert Parrino - University of Texas, Austin
David S. Kidwell - University of Minnesota

• Building Intuition boxes provide a statement of an important finance concept along with an intuitive example or explanation to help the student "get" the concept.
• Learning by Doing applications contain quantitative problems with step-by-step solutions to help students better understand how to apply their intuition and analytical skills to solve problems. This unique feature takes the stepped-out problem beyond other texts by offering "approaches" students can take to solve each problem.
• Decision-Making Examples emphasize the decision-making process along with computation and provide students at all levels with experience in financial decision-making.
• Learning Objectives identify the most important material for students to understand while reading the chapter.
• Chapter Opener Vignettes describe a real company application to illustrate concepts that will be presented in the chapter. These current vignettes are from international news highlighting domestic and global companies, reflecting the real world of business today.
• Before You Go On self-study questions throughout each chapter serve as a checkpoint at which students can test their understanding of the materials in that section.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 The Financial Manager and the Firm
Ch 2 The Financial Environment and the Level of Interest Rates
Ch 3 Financial Statements, Cash Flows, and Taxes
Ch 4 Analyzing Financial Statements
Ch 5 The Time Value of Money
Ch 6 Discounted Cash Flows and Valuation
Ch 7 Risk and Return
Ch 8 Bond Valuation and the Structure of Interest Rates
Ch 9 Stock Valuation
Ch 10 The Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting
Ch 11 Cash Flows and Capital Budgeting
Ch 12 Evaluating Project Economics and Capital Rationing
Ch 13 The Cost of Capital
Ch 14 Working Capital Management
Ch 15 How Firms Raise Capital
Ch 16 Capital Structure Policy
Ch 17 Dividends and Dividend Policy
Ch 18 Business Formation, Growth, and Valuation
Ch 19 Financial Planning and Forecasting
Ch 20 Options and Corporate Finance
Ch 21 International Financial Management