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Financial Institutions, Markets, and Money 11/e - ISV


ISBN13:  9780470646199|666pages|paperback|©2012|NT$1280

David S. Kidwell - University of Minnesota
David W. Blackwell - University of Texas A&M
David A. Whidbee - University of Washington State
Richard L. Peterson - University of Texas Tech

• Comprehensive coverage of financial institutions and markets, including the latest topics and trends in the industry, including electronic banking, and global market interactions
• Chapter Previews and Learning Objectives to motivate student interest and alert the student to the key elements
• "Do You Understand?" questions test students' understanding of key material
• Chapter Take-Aways present a bulleted list of the most important concepts the students should take away from the chapter
• People & Event boxes relate to hot topics in the field and chapter learning objectives.
• Internet Exercise directs students to websites from which they can obtain additional information or analyze data that illustrates key points

Table of Contents
Ch 1 An Overview of Financial Markets and Institutions
Ch 2 The Federal Reserve and Its Powers
Ch 3 The Fed and Interest Rates
Part 2 How Interest Rates Are Determined
Ch 4 The Level of Interest Rates
Ch 5 Bond Prices and Interest Rate Risk
Ch 6 The Structure of Interest Rates
Part 3 Financial Markets
Ch 7 Money Markets
Ch 8 Bond Markets
Ch 9 Mortgage Markets
Ch 10 10 Equity Markets
Ch 11 Derivatives Markets
Ch 12 International Markets
Part 4 Commercial Banking
Ch 13 Commercial Bank Operations
Ch 14 International Banking
Ch 15 Regulation of Financial Institutions
Part 5 Financial Institutions
Ch 16 Thrift Institutions and Finance Companies
Ch 17 Insurance Companies and Pension Funds
Ch 18 Investment Banking
Ch 19 Investment Companies
Ch 20 Risk Management in Financial Institutions