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Contemporary Industrial Organization: A Quantitative Approach 1/e


ISBN13: 9780470591802 |558pages|Hardcover|©2011|NT$1200

Lynne Pepall, University of Tufts
Dan Richards, University of Tufts
George Norman, University of Tufts 

The author team behind the bestselling text, Industrial Organization, has written a brand new, calculus-based text designed to prepare students for a complete analysis of all facets of industrial organization. Contemporary Industrial Organization enhances students' understanding of the strategic behavior of firms, the structure of markets, and imperfect competition using calculus, game theory, econometrics, and practical examples and applications. This text’s unique presentation and blend of quantitative and qualitative tools assumes familiarity with intermediate microeconomics with calculus and econometrics.

Table of Contents
Part I: Microeconomic Foundations
Ch 1 Industrial Organization and Imperfect Competition: What, How, and Why?
Ch 2 Basic Microeconomics
Ch 3 Technology and Cost Relationships
Ch 4 Market Structure and Market Power
Part II: Price And Nonprice Tactics For Firms With Market Power
Ch 5 Price Discrimination and Monopoly
Ch 6 Price Discrimination, Product Variety, Bundling & Tying
Part III: Oligopoly And Strategic Interaction
Ch7 Static Games and Quantity versus Price Competition
Ch 8 Dynamic Games and First and Second Movers
Ch 9 Entry Deterrence and Predation
Ch 10 Price Fixing and Repeated Games
Part IV: Contractual Relationships Between Firms
Ch 11 Horizontal Mergers
Ch 12 Vertical and Conglomerate Mergers
Ch 13 Vertical Restraints
Part V: Topics In Nonprice Competition: Advertising And Researchand Development
Ch 14 Advertising, Market Power, and Information
Ch 15 ResearChand Development
Ch 16 Patents and Patent Policy
Part VI: Special Topics: Networks And Strategic Trade Policy
Ch 17 Network Markets
Ch 18 Strategic Commitments: Confronting Potential Entrants and International Rivalry