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Applied Calculus 4/e


Deborah Hughes-Hallett - University of Arizona
Andrew M. Gleason - Harvard University
Patti Frazer Lock - St. Lawrence University
Brad G. Osgood - University of Stanford  et al.

The fourth edition gives readers the skills to apply calculus on the job. It highlights the applications' connection with real-world concerns. The problems take advantage of computers and graphing calculators to help them think mathematically. The applied exercises challenge them to apply the math they have learned in new ways. This develops their capacity for modeling in a way that the usual exercises patterned after similar solved examples cannot do. The material is also presented in a way to help business professionals decide when to use technology, which empowers them to learn what calculators/computers can and cannot do.

Table of Contents
Ch 1 Functions And Change
Ch 2 Rate of Change: The Derivative
Ch 3 Short-Cuts to Differentiation
Ch 4 Using the Derivative
Ch 5 Accumulated Change: The Definite Integral
Ch 6 Using the Definite Integral
Ch 7 Antiderivatives
Ch 8 Probability
Ch 9 Functions of Several Variables
Ch 10 Mathematical Modeling Using Differential Equations
Ch 11 Geometric Series