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Accounting Information Systems 12/e ISV


ISBN13: 9781118092354|476 pages|papaerback|©2013|NT$1200

Mark G. Simkin - University of Nevada
Jacob M. Rose - University of New Hampshire
Carolyn A. Strand Norman - University of Virginia Commonwealth
• Focus on core concepts and flexibility have made his book widely adopted at a variety of different schools.
• Real World Focus with many real-world Cases-in-Points woven into the text material. Each chapter includes a detailed real-world case or concept in an end-of-chapter AIS-at-Work feature.
• Variety in Assessment through four types of end-of-chapter exercises (discussion questions, problems, Internet exercises, and cases) help students understand the material and gauge their progress.
• Recommendation for further inquiry includes lists of references, recommended readings, and web sites at the end
of each chapter allow interested students to explore the chapter material in greater depth.
• More Test Yourself -- Multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter to help students assess their understanding of the chapter material.
• Expanded coverage of topics current topics important to accounting systems, including cloud computing, data mining, sustainability accounting, forensic accounting COBIT version 5, COSO's 2010 Report on Enterprise Risk Management, enterprise controls, and internal auditing of IT.
• New AIS at Work features at the end of appropriate chapters help students better understand the impact of systems in a wide variety of contexts.
Table of Contents
Ch 1 Accounting Information Systems and the Accountant
Ch 2 Information Technology and AISs
Ch 3 Data Modeling
Ch 4 Organizing and Manipulating the Data in Databases
Ch 5 Database Forms and Reports
Ch 6 Documenting Accounting Information Systems
Ch 7 Accounting Information Systems and Business
Processes: Part I
Ch 8 Accounting Information Systems and Business
Processes: Part II
Ch 9 Introduction to Internal Control Systems
Ch 10 Computer Controls for Organizations and
Accounting Information Systems
Ch 11 Computer Crime, Fraud, Ethics, and Privacy
Ch 12 Information Technology Auditing
Ch 13 Developing and Implementing Effective
Accounting Information Systems
Ch 14 Accounting on the Internet
Ch 15 Accounting and Enterprise Software