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Financial Reporting for Managers: A Value-Creation Perspective, 1st Edition


ISBN13: 978-0-471-45749-7|430 pages|Paperback|©2009|NT$1250
Supplements: Instructor's Manual|Test Bank|Power point|Solutions Manual

Jamie Pratt (Kelley School of Business, Indiana Univ.)
D. Eric Hirst (University of Texas at Austin)

This brief textbook is designed for business students and managers, with little prior exposure to financial reporting, who wish to understand how financial statements can help them - and encourage others - to make decisions in the long run interest of the firm’s shareholders.
Pratt/Hirst, Financial Reporting for Managers is targeted at thoughtful business students and managers, wishing to learn how financial statement use and analysis can be a path to business success. The text brings together financial reporting and management decision making in a thoughtful, creative and easy to understand manner. Additionally, this text links shareholder value creation and the financial accounting statements to the market value of the firm in a way that can be easily understood by practitioners.

Table of Contents