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Pension Finance


ISBN13:9780470058435|Binding: Hardcover|Pages:484|Copyright: ©2007|Price:NT$1380

David Blake, Cass Business School

This book provides a secure grounding in the theory and practice of finance insofar as it deals with pension matters. By using it, the reader will understand the various types of investment assets;
* the allocation of personal wealth to different asset classes
* corporate pension finance
* the financial aspects of defined contribution pension plans during both the accumulation and
distribution phases
* the financial aspects of defined benefit pension plans
* the role of pension funds and pension fund management
* pension fund performance measurement and attribution
* risk management in pension funds

Table of Contents (Detail)
1 Investment Assets.Held by Pension Funds.
2 Personal Finance: The Allocation of Personal Wealth to Different Asset Classes.
3 Corporate Pension Finance
4 Defined Contribution Pension Schemes – The Accumulation Phase.
5 Defined Contribution Pension Schemes – The Distribution Phase.
6 Defined Benefit Pension Schemes.
7 Pension Fund Management.
8 Pension Fund Performance Measurement and Attribution.
9 Risk Management in Pension Funds.
10 Pension Fund Insurance.