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International Accounting, 6/e

ISBN13: 9780138133887|Binding: Paperback|Pages: 528|Copyright: ©2008|Price:NT$980
Supplements: Power point|Solutions Manual

Frederick D. Choi, New York University
Gary K. Meek, Oklahoma State University

International Accounting, 6e takes a multinational approach, written from a financial reporting perspective to accounting practices, introducing students to the international dimensions of accounting, financial reporting, and financial control in a concise, comprehensive, and student-friendly manner.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Development and Classification
Chapter 3: Comparative Accounting: Europe
Chapter 4: Comparative Accounting: the Americas and Asia
Chapter 5: Reporting and Disclosure
Chapter 6: Foreign Currency Translation
Chapter 7: Financial Reporting and Changing Prices
Chapter 8: Global Accounting and Auditing Standards
Chapter 9: International Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 10: Managerial Planning and Control
Chapter 11: Financial Risk Management
Chapter 12: International Taxation and Transfer Pricing