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Corporate Governance and Accountability, 2nd Edition


ISBN13: 978-0-470-03451-4 / Format: Paperback / Pages: 402 / Copyright: ©2007 / Price: NT$1080

Jill Solomon, Cardiff Business School and an associate member of BRASS

Recent years have witnessed an exponential growth in corporate governance. Improvements in corporate governance practice are being orchestrated at a global level. Scandals such as Enron and Parmalat have driven home the need for constant reform. Corporate Governance, Second edition has been written in response to the constantly changing guidelines and policy in this field and demonstrates the close relationship between academic research and professional practice.
Features of the new edition
* Illustrates how corporate governance has evolved in the UK, updating the latest developments
* Discusses global convergence in corporate governance with reference to an extended number of countries
* Incorporates the latest literature on social and environmental reporting, social and environmental auditing and socially responsible investment, and discusses new frameworks emerging from this academic literature
* Includes an extended appendix including The Combined Code and the new OECD Principles
* Reflects recent developments and examines future possible directions of corporate governance.

Table of Contents (Detail)
Part I Corporate governance: frameworks and mechanisms.
1 Defining corporate governance.
2 Corporate governance failures.
3 Corporate governance reform in the UK.
4 The role of boards in corporate governance.
5 The role of institutional investors in corporate governance.
6 The role of transparency in corporate governance.
Part II Global corporate governance.
7 An introduction to corporate governance systems worldwide.
8 A reference dictionary of corporate governance systems.
Part III Broadening the corporate governance agenda.
9 Discharging a broader corporate accountability.
10 Environmental, social and governance considerations in institutional investment.
11 Future directions for corporate governance and accountability.