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The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements, 3rd Edition


ISBN13: 978-0-471-37594-4 / Format: Hardcover / Pages: 784 / Copyright: ©2003 / Price:NT$1380
Supplements: Instructor's Manual / Test Bank / Solutions Manual / Power Point

Gerald I. White, Grace & White, Inc.
Ashwinpaul C. Sondhi, A.C. Sondhi & Associate, LLC
Dov Fried, Stern School of Business New York University

Accounting Standards (US and International) have been updated to reflect the latest pronouncements.
*An increased international focus with more coverage of IASC and non-US GAAPs and more non-US examples.

Table of Contents
1. Framework for Financial Statement Analysis.
2. Accounting Income and Assets: The Accrual Concept.
3. Analysis of Cash Flows.
4. Foundations of Ratio and Financial Analysis.
5. Empirical Research: Implications for Financial Statement Analysis.
6. Analysis of Inventories.
7. Analysis of Long-Lived Assets: Part I—The Capitalization Decision.
8. Analysis of Long-Lived Assets: Part II—Analysis of Depreciation and Impairment.
9. Analysis of Income Taxes.
10. Analysis of Financing Liabilities.
11. Leases and Off-Balance-Sheet Debt.
12. Pensions and Other Employee Benefits.
13. Analysis of Intercorporate Investments.
14. Analysis of Business Combinations.
15. Analysis of Multinational Operations.
16. Derivatives and Hedging Activities.
17. Analysis of Financial Statements: A Synthesis.
18. Accounting- and Finance-Based Measures of Risk.
19. Valuation and Forecasting.
Present Value Tables.