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Financial Analysis with Microsoft® Excel, 4e


ISBN13: 9780324407501|Paperbound|496 pages| ©2007|Price:NT$900

Timothy R. Mayes - Metropolitan State College of Denver
Todd M. Shank - University of Portland

FAME explores the use of Excel as THE calculating tool for finance professionals. As students enter College with basic skills for using Excel and other software packages they need for their business courses, the materials they read must be ramped up. The book as it stands covers the main topics that students would see in a typical corporate finance course: financial statements, budgets, TVM, capital budgeting, the Market Security Line, some options materials, pro forma statements, cost of capital, equities, and debt. In the final chapter of this revision, we include a section on how students can build their own models (or macros) to perform everyday financial analyses.

Table of Contents
1: Spreadsheet Basics.
2: The Basic Financial Statements.
3: The Cash Budget.
4: Financial Statement Analysis Tools.
5: Financial Forecasting.
6: Break-even and Leverage Analysis.
7: The Time Value of Money.
8: Stock Valuation and Rates of Return.
9: Bond Valuation.
10: The Cost of Capital.
11: Capital Budgeting.
12: Risk, Capital Budgeting, and Diversification.
13: Using VBA to Create Function Macros.