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ISBN13: 978-0-470-00720-4|Paperbound|608 pages| ©2007|Price:NT$950
Supplements: Instructor's Manual|Solutions Manual|Test Bank|Power point

Ronald Melicher, the University of Colorado at Boulder
Edgar Norton's

How do financial markets and institutions affect businesses and individuals? How do firms raise funds? How can an individual use markets and institutions to meet their own personal goals? In order to answer these questions, a reader must have a strong understanding of financial markets and institutions. This concise book provides the necessary information, presenting the general principles of finance and showing how they are applied in the field.

Table of Contents
Part I: Basic Financial Principles.
1. Introduction to Finance.
2. Money and Interest Rates.
3. Time Value of Money.
4. Financial Statements, Cash Flow and Taxes.
5. Analysis Of Financial Statements.
Part II: Using Financial Principles in Business.
6. The Basics of Capital Budgeting.
7. Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis.
8. Managing Working Capital.
9. Short-Term Business Financing.
10. Risk and Rate of Return.
11. Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital.
Part III: Stocks, Bonds, and the International Market.
12. Stocks and the Markets: Trading Securities.
13. Distributions To Stockholders.
14. Annuities, Bonds, Futures and Options.
15. International Trade and Finance.