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Program Development and Design Using C++, 3e


ISBN13: 9780619216771|928 pages|Paperback|©2006|NT$1180
Supplements: Instructor's Manual|Test Bank|Power point

Gary J. Bronson, Fairleigh Dickinson University

This text offers new and refreshed material that gives students a foundation of basics before diving into C++ language specifics. Based on the popular A First Book of C++ by the same author, this informative new edition introduces readers to programming using the C++ programming language.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Computers and Programming
Part 1: Procedure-Oriented Programming in C++
2. Problem Solving Using C++
3. Assignment, Formatting, and Interactive Input
4. Selection Structures
5. Repetition Statements
6. Modularity Using Functions
7. Completing the Basics
Part 2: Object-Oriented Programming in C++
8. Introduction to Classes
9. Class Functions and Conversions
10. Inheritance and Dynamic Memory ALlocation
11. I/O File Streams and Data Files
Part 3: Data Structures and Additional Features
12. Arrays
13. C-Strings
14. Addresses, Pointers, and Arrays
15. Structures
16. The Standard Template Library
17. Additional Capabilities
Part 4: Appendices
A: Object Precedence Table
B: ASCII Character Codes
C: Input/Output and Standard Erro Redirection
D: Floating-Point Number Storage